How to Activate Giffgaff SIM

Before starting to use mobile network services, you naturally have to make your SIM work, that is, to activate it. Each provider has its own set of actions to be performed for activation, so new clients may get confused when getting their card started.

In this article, we’ll give you the essential information on how to activate Giffgaff SIM, what you’re going to need for that, and what options are available to make provider’s services as convenient as possible.

Giffgaff SIM activation

Giffgaff activation process takes little time, there being just a few steps to follow, including necessary top-up. You’ll need your debit (credit) card/a voucher.

So, here’s a detailed guide to activate Giffgaff SIM:

  1. Visit the homepage of the official Giffgaff website, clicking «Activate your SIM» (
  2. Enter the activation code that consists of 6 digits (it is located on the plastic card containing the SIM). In case the card is missing, the thirteen-digit code on the SIM itself will work, too. This code sometimes consists of 16 or even 19 digits.
  3. Log in or sign up. If you already created an account and paid for a goodybag when requesting the SIM, you will jump to the activation itself after logging in. If you don’t have an account, you are to register one so you can run your services and be a member of the community. Besides, you have to buy a monthly plan or just add credit. To do it, follow the steps:
    • Enter your e-mail, choose a password and username. Note that the username can be chosen only once, that is, you won’t be able to modify it in future. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the address you entered.
    • Select a goodybag (a monthly plan), or add some credit for airtime or Pay As You Go option. The credit can be exchanged for a goodybag if needed.
    • Select the payment method. You can pay via a credit/debit card or a voucher. The details are described in the next section.
  4. Click «Activate my SIM».

That’s it!

After the process to activate Giffgaff being completed, your SIM will be ready to use (though it may take about 30 minutes or more — up to 24 hours). The confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

First payment to activate Giffgaff

As was mentioned, activation requires topping up the number if you haven’t yet registered an account and made the first payment. So, after signing up, you’re to acquire a goodybag. If you pay via a debit (credit) card, the minimum price will be £6.

Selecting a goodybag starting from £10 will give you extra £5.

You can also employ a voucher clicking the corresponding icon below to activate Giffgaff SIM (the minimum amount is then £10; O2 vouchers will work as well).

Following the steps, enter the code consisting of 16 digits printed on your voucher.

There’s also an option of activating the SIM by only adding credit, with the minimum amount being £10. It is noteworthy that goodybags do not include international or premium calls. You should add extra credit for using this option.

After the activation

Once the procedure is finished, visit to check if your plan is active.

If you’d like to preserve your previous number, follow the link for transfer given to you after the SIM being activated.

You can also swap the SIM for a new one in case it is faulty, missing, or the wrong size.