About Vodafone UK SIM Card briefly

Vodafone in the UK has good coverage in 2G (900 and 1800 MHz) and 3G (900 and 2100 MHz) and is deploying 4G/LTE at 800, 2100 and 2600 MHz: It covers about 85% of the LTE population in 2016, making it the second best LTE network in the country, but their 3G lags behind O2. The 4G/LTE network is now available to customers for prepayment on all tariff plans. The SIM card can be obtained for free online with delivery to a UK postal address or at any Vodafone store.

Top up your Vodafone UK balance

Top-up starts at £ 5 at their stores or at many other kiosks or stores across the country. Vodafone accepts PayPal for online deposits. To check the balance, you need to dial *#1345# or call 2345.

Validity of the Vodafone SIM card UK

Vodafone has the longest validity period of any network operator. They grant 180 days for any activity, plus an additional 90-day grace period before they disable the card.

Activation of the Vodafone UK SIM card

The SIM card must be activated online or by calling 4354. Then you need to select one of the Big Value Bundle schemes, which are valid for 30 days and can be added by Data Freebees to get additional data.

Big Value Bundles

These are combined plans for internet, phone calls, and SMS. They are offered for 30 days, and all of them contain an unlimited number of SMS messages.: Price Calls Volume:
  • 10 pounds will give you 150 min. and 500 Mb
  • 15 pounds will give you 250 min. and 1 Gb
  • 20 pounds will give you 500 min. and 4 Gb
  • 30 pounds will give you unlimited calls and 12 GB
The limits are valid in the UK and in all European countries when roaming. Internet usage in the UK is charged at GBP 1 per day for 25 MB, up to a maximum of 125 MB per day, after which it is charged at GBP 4 per MB. The unused data is transferred to the next month.

Data limits

Vodafone adds data limits for account deposits. This means that a limit is issued as a bonus and is not deducted from the amount of the deposit or addition:
  • Top-up for 10 pounds: 500 MB bonus + 10 pounds balance
  • Top-up for 20 pounds sterling: 1 GB bonus + 20 pounds balance

Pay as you go £1 a pack

In the fall of 2017, Vodafone launched a new plan for 1 pound for casual users. Under this plan, you pay 20 penalties for 5 MB (and for text and minimum) up to a daily cap of 1 pound sterling. When you reach £ 1 a day, you get unlimited calls and SMS and up to 500 MB of data. The day is valid from midnight to midnight UK time. The same benefits are issued in EU / EEA roaming, based on the time zone associated with the capital of the roaming country. For additional data, you can add once 500 MB per day for £ 1 per 2345. So the maximum data consumption is 1 GB per day under this plan. Vodafone Red UK releasing new Tariffs | PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps,  Networks, Software, Tablet etc New packages are sold under this plan, pre-activated or transitioning from another plan by calling 41146 through your online account or app. You can migrate from this plan once a day for free and for free. This way, you will lose all benefits like Big Bundles or any rewards. On days without consumption, there is no base fee.

Roaming in the European Union Vodafone

In May 2017, Vodafone adopted the «roaming as at home» scheme and all limits can be used without additional roaming charges in the EU/EEA. Vodafone currently offers international 4G/LTE roaming partners in the UK. Some additional countries were included in the zone without additional fees: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland and Turkey.

Vodafone Internet Settings

  • APN: internet
  • Official website of the operator Vodafone UK: http://www.vodafone.co.uk/