Description of the Vodafone PAY service

Vodafone is the largest mobile operator in the world. In England, the company occupies one of the priority first places. This allows the operator from time to time to please their customers with special products. Among them are favorable offers, auction programs. The increased interest of subscribers was aroused by a new option – a digital wallet Vodafone Pay, which can be «placed» in a phone or tablet. We will tell you more about what it is and what is the benefit of this service.

What is a Vodafone Pay digital wallet?

This is a universal tool from Vodafone that allows you to make payments for goods or services in a few clicks. The ease of use is that the user does not need to connect to a bank card. If the phone account has a large enough amount, the funds will be debited from it. This application started working thanks to the support of the Mastercard electronic payment system.

Who can use the Vodafone Play app

First of all, these are the clients of Vodafone. Subscribers of other operators are also not prohibited from using the program. The main condition is the presence of a gadget that supports this digital wallet. The program is designed for the Android and iOS platforms. The next condition is the connection of the mobile Internet to the gadget. Speed is not important here. This can be 2G, 3G or 4G Internet, or simple EDGE access. If you plan to withdraw funds from a bank card, you need to enable the function that allows you to withdraw funds via the Internet.

Basic functions

The Pay app will allow you to perform the following functions:
  • top up your phone account by transferring funds from a payment bank card;
  • transfer money from your phone account to another Vodafone subscriber;
This option only works for customers who make prepayment payments.
  • transfer of funds from your personal mobile account to your own bank card;
  • the implementation of monetary transactions between two Bank cards;
  • purchase of goods and services;
  • payment for the use of the Internet;
  • utility bills.
This set of features makes the Vodafone Pay app very convenient and in demand.

How to use the Vodafone Pay app

To use this new tool, you must first install it on the gadget. To do this, you should use this link Next, you need to perform the following actions:
  1. Start the program. Enter your phone number.
  2. Receive SMS with the password to access the program.
  3. Create your own password. Enter it 2 times.
  4. Start using the tool.
The Vodafone mobile account number will be considered the primary account. In this case, it is enough to top up your mobile account as often as possible to use it to pay for goods or services. Thanks to the functions of the Pay digital wallet, the mobile phone becomes not only a convenient means of communication, but also a device that can completely replace Internet banking. Moreover, the application options continue to expand, and the interface is constantly updated.