My Giffgaff: Login to Account

Giffgaff login is known to be the necessary condition for managing your account: no operation with your number online is available without you having logged in. What’s more, even the SIM activation primarily requires creating a Giffgaff account and logging in. Both procedures are designed to be intuitive so users can easily «run their network». It goes without saying that customers are only to sign in to Giffgaff once to use My Giffgaff account, while login is required every time you want to perform an action on your number (or just check your allowances).

To make this seemingly as-simple-as-that process still more convenient and quick, let’s have a look at how it is done and consider the possible problems that might appear with it.

My Giffgaff login

Once you’ve successfully registered an account, you have a permanent member name and password that you chose when signing up and that you’ll enter when logging in. After the details being entered, click on «Login» to gain access to My Giffgaff.

Another way to log in to Giffgaff is to use your fingerprint. This new option is available for members who use Android or iOS devices.

This will also be appreciated by those who fear that someone may hack their account.

Incorrect password or member name

In case you’ve forgotten your user name or password, you can easily reset it by e-mail or a text. On the login page you can see the corresponding link. Choose which way you’d like to do it, and our support team will contact you. Just enter your number, e-mail address or member name and click on «Submit».

In case you can’t remember your user name, write «membername» and send it to 43430.

Do the same to get your actual e-mail, writing «forgotten» instead of «membername».

To reset your password, text «NUMBER» to 2020 and «NAME» to 43430.

The link containing the password will be sent to you in no more than 5 minutes.

Try another browser if you see a blank page or an error message.