Giffgaff – the user experience is absolutely everything

Giffgaff is a virtual mobile operator based in the United Kingdom. The users themselves manage Giffgaff. They are rewarded for participating in the company’s activities – in sales, marketing, and service delivery. Customers who answer questions in different communities help attract new customers, thereby ensuring the company’s profit. This allows you to reduce operating costs and distribute the money received among team members. As with Giantnerd, Giffgaff’s clients provide tremendous support to the company because it not only builds a dynamic community around itself, but also encourages it to attract participants.

Experience as an engine of development

For a Giffgaff client, the experience is absolutely everything. If a problem occurs within the community, the response to it is received within one and a half minutes – at any time of the day. Network protocol service? A net measure of the company’s reputation? Satisfaction? Through investment in creating a proactive consumer experience and efforts to reward customers for being active, the company’s job satisfaction rate has reached 90 percent. To channel customer engagement and focus on it in business, the company launched an «Idea Board» on its website that echoes Dell’s «Storming Ideas» or «My Starbucks Idea.» To date, Giffgaff has not just received more than six thousand ideas and more than fifty thousand comments. On average, every three days, the company brings its customers ‘ ideas to life. Imagine … a positive consumer experience turns into a competitive advantage in today’s era, when there is, unfortunately, weak customer engagement and customer service. Finally, transformation is never easy and painless, but if it were, a positive consumer experience would really become a commodity. The time has come when the client can work for you, not against you. And, as the current practice of daily communication on social networks shows, without a thoughtful approach and involvement of the company itself, every tweet, every update, every post, video or interactive communication will work against you. Customer relationships require careful construction, not just response or management. That is why your participation in the process means more today than ever.