Holding and waiting for a call on Vodafone

In moments when you are waiting for an important call, additional services from Vodafone will come to the rescue — Waiting for a call. When you receive a second incoming call, Hold will help.

Waiting For A Call

This option allows you to receive calls from friends and relatives while talking to another subscriber. It is available on any phones that are on the following platforms:
  • Android;
  • IOS (iPhone);
  • Windows;
  • simple dialers.
When you receive a parallel call, you will hear a single beep, which means that another caller is calling you. The signal will continue as long as the subscriber is waiting for the call to be received. At the same time, the caller will hear the voice of the automatic informer «Wait, the caller is talking». The cost of staying in the standby mode on the line will be according to your fare. For free calls, no fee is charged. The service is managed using the following commands:
  • Connect — *43#.
  • To deactivate #43#.
  • General information — *#43#.

General information

If you don’t want to receive calls during a call, you can disable the option. In addition, forward them to another number or voice mail. This feature will allow you not to lose missed calls.

Call retention

This option allows you not only to receive parallel calls, but also to accept them. The first call stays on the line until you return to it, or create a «Conference Call». Also, this option allows you to either simply put on hold, or make a second call without hanging up. Additionally, you can flexibly manage the hold. Among the main features are:
  • Accept a new call, automatically end the current conversation with the caller.
  • By dialing 2 — you will put the first caller on hold, automatically accept the second call.
  • By pressing 1, you will end the conversation with the second person and return to the first conversation.
  • When sending 0 — you automatically send a Busy signal, which will be sent to the caller.
All unanswered calls will be sent to voice mail if you have previously activated it. Please note! The answering machine can only be triggered if you have the «Call Waiting» service active.