Instructions for setting up auto-top up of a Vodafone account

Subscribers whose income is in the form of wages, pension accrual or scholarships listed on Bank map for efficient use of my time, which is auto-refill. By connecting it, you do not have to worry that the mobile phone balance will be reset and it will become unavailable for communication.

How the procedure works

Vodafone company in cooperation with the interbank system of delivery and payment of invoices has launched the service of auto-replenishment of the phone balance:
  • by the threshold limit of the balance;
  • within the personal terms of the contract of a particular subscriber.
It is probably not worth discussing how convenient it is to use the auto-top-up service. After all, everyone understands that timely debiting automatically from the card to the balance of one, and maybe several phones, allows you to:
  • be sure of a positive balance;
  • don’t rush around looking for payment points.
The service will independently monitor the situation and:
  • send information to the bank about the reduction of the balance to a critical level;
  • form a request for replenishment.
You can use Visa and MasterCard payment cards issued by credit institutions when opening a debit account.

Setup procedure

Automatic replenishment of the balance according to the set threshold limit is the following process: as soon as the amount of funds on the balance sheet approaches a certain mark:
  • the service debits the amount specified by the subscriber from the card account;
  • the money ends up on the phone’s balance.
The settings are configured in the payment portal. First of all, you need to register by entering:
  • mobile phone number;
  • email address;
  • a password created by yourself or generated by the system.
The Vodafone client, focusing on their own financial capabilities, sets the following minimum balance threshold in their personal account on the payment portal – the minimum and maximum amount to top up. Technically it looks like this:
  • as soon as the phone balance becomes less, for example, 15 pounds;
  • the system will withdraw, say, 40 pounds from the card and transfer it automatically to the phone balance:
  • the subscriber’s phone will receive an SMS about the completed operation.
In this way, you can set the maximum deposit amount not only per day, but also per month. And also set the date of deactivation of the service in advance. As soon as the service is activated:
  • an invoice will be issued for adding funds to the balance;
  • payment of the invoice was made automatically from the card.
The amount of the deposit amount and the date of account creation in this case depend on the terms of the subscriber’s contract. Connecting to the service will not take more than five minutes, but this way you can be sure that there will be no problems with the connection.