Pay for your ride via the «SMS ticket» service from Vodafone

Vodafone company, taking care of its subscribers, tries to make every effort to «improve» the daily life of the subscriber. For this purpose, the service «SMS ticket» was developed, which allows you to pay for any ticket for travel. Even if there is no conductor in the transport.

What is the service?

The function allows you to pay for travel in any form of public transport, if you send an SMS from your smartphone. Just go to the transport and send a message to a short number.

How to pay for travel

To pay for travel by message, you need to be a Vodafone subscriber and have a communication package on a prepaid basis. The service does not require any activation. Simply dial a specific code in Latin and send it to the short number 877. 1 Ticket is sending 1 SMS message from your phone. Just do not forget that you need to pay for the ticket price from your personal balance. Therefore, before using the service, make sure that there is money in your personal account. If for some reason, there is a ban on using money from the subscriber’s balance, the payment will not occur. Important! Subscribers on the contract will not be able to send SMS. Only subscribers with a package that provides for prepayment. You can use the service a limited number of times a day:
  • the amount should not exceed 100 pounds per day;
  • and there should be no more than 100 successful transactions per day;
  • and the minimum amount on the balance should not be less than 3 pounds.
The ticket is only valid for 60 minutes!

If the ticket was deleted

If you send «d» or «D», the smartphone will receive information about all duplicates of valid tickets. Just find your own and show it to the conductor. More detailed information about the codes can be found on the official website of Vodafone.