Vodafone Business Mailing service for sending mass messages

If you are a busy person and your job involves communicating with many people, and do not have time to call about appointments — the service «Business Mailing» is perfect for you. This service provides for sending mass messages at a minimum and favorable price. In turn, to remind customers or employees about a meeting or meeting, using a personal corporate number, where the name of the company is indicated in the message header — this is quite prestigious. And it takes a minimum of waste and time. This will undoubtedly affect the company’s brand awareness.

Service features

If the company connects the service, it will receive a number of advantages:
  • Quickly and briefly inform your customers about new promotions, new services or transactions.
  • The ability to invite customers to important company events or remind them of an appointment by appointment.
  • Ability to confirm an order or reservation. As well as user registration (if you have an online store).
  • The opportunity to congratulate each client on a significant event in his life.
  • Use short numbers with the company name.
  • Manage your mailings via the selected and easiest-to-use WEB interface.
  • You can send a message to any mobile network operator.

How to enable Business Mailing Lists

To activate the «Business Mailing List», you must be a legal entity or individual in the territory of England. The company must have an IP address. To activate the service, you must:
  • contact an employee of Vodafone, who deals with issues related to the maintenance of the enterprise;
  • or call the reference number 0-800-40-0001.
If you want to get more accurate information about the «Business Newsletter», then you should write to the support service at — messaging@vodafone.ua. To send messages, you can choose from several possible interfaces: WEB, API, SMPP, SMTP. And in the «Sender» column, you can specify information that will suit you: brand, company name, brand or memorable number. Which immediately gives you an advantage among the mailings of other companies. Important! The service’s participation in the Vodafone bonus program is not provided.

The cost of the service

The price of the service for 30 days depends on the selected option:
  • if the mailing list is standard-50 pounds per month;
  • if the mailing list is using a short number or an alpha name — 100 pounds for 30 days.
Billing of the sent message-upon delivery. And it assumes several tariffs for connection:
  • Tariff S — where up to 50 thousand messages are provided for 30 days. The cost of 1 SMS in the Vodafone network and on other operators is 0.3084 pounds. for 1 pc.
  • Tariff M-where the number of SMS messages is increased to 500 thousand, and the cost is 0.3042 pounds. over 1 PC on any operator.
  • Tariff L — the number of messages from 500,000, and the cost of sending to any operator-0.300 pounds / piece.
Instructions for installing the user’s workplace of the WEB interface of the service can be found on the official website of Vodafone.