Vodafone call me back – code to send a free message

Vodafone call me back – this is not a new service, but, nevertheless, does not lose its relevance today. In a situation where there is not enough money on the account, or the balance is completely negative, sending a free message asking you to call back is the best thing to do. So, how to send a «Call me SMS», we will analyze further.

Vodafone call me back – service description

Yes, in the common people, this form of trying to contact the right subscriber is called «Call me SMS». This is due to the lack of funds in the sender’s account. So he «bums», sending such requests-petitions, who is not lazy. Vodafone Discontinues Email Service - You may need a new email account - Green Mouse What you need to know is that attempts to send free messages are limited to a strict number. Seven days are provided for one day. Whether it is a lot or a little, we will not judge, we will only say that it is enough to get in touch, and not just once. Indeed, the Vodafone call me back service sometimes helps a lot. Very often to those who usually do not use it. But just this category of people is wondering how to send a Call me SMS, unlike those who do it regularly and know the necessary combination perfectly well. By the way, such a request, if necessary, can be recorded in the phone contacts, a separate number. This will allow you to avoid entering an excruciatingly long combination every time. Another nuance – free messages are valid only within the network.

Combination for sending a free message

There is only one way to make this request. But not the essence, the result is important, maybe one version of the set, it’s even better. So, the USSD request starts as *104*; then comes the subscriber number in the format +950XXXXXXXXXX; then «#»; and call. Here is an example: *104*95768554321#, call button. After that, the entered code will be processed. After sending, a message about the number of remaining attempts for today will appear on the mobile phone screen. And the subscriber whose number was specified will receive a text message with the content «Call me please», as well as with the sender’s phone number and the time of sending. Also, in addition to the standard request above, you can choose the language in which the free message will be created. The fact is that by default, the dialed request will come in the language of the country in which the subscriber is located. Accordingly, to deliver an SMS with a request in English, you should specify *03#at the end of the code. This is convenient for visiting foreigners and people who do not understand the language of the country in which they are located.

Vodafone service call me back and security

Please note that incoming requests from unknown numbers pose a serious threat to subscribers. The fact is that the data about the last calls made can be used to restore the number. A fraudster, turning to the operator, can say that the phone was lost, and the number needs to be blocked. After blocking, after replacing the SIM card, after specifying the data on the last calls, he has the subscriber’s number in his hands. And further, the phone number can be used for operations with bank cards, for changing passwords and similar unfair operations. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is highly recommended not to call someone back to unfamiliar numbers. It is worth remembering that Vodafone has a «Money Transfer» service. With its help, you can get a little money to the subscriber account, asking friends for such a favor.